Quit one of your goals.

One you have lost interest in.

One you will not achieve.

One you don’t care about anymore.

One you’ve been working on for years with no success.

One that’s been on your list, but you never try.

Let it go.

Shift to something better.

Close that door. Open a different door.

Don’t let an impossible dream drag you down.

Remove the distractions that hold you back.

Remove that burden, that extra weight, that mental block…

So you can be free!!

Free to pursue your truth.

Free to truly succeed.

Free to focus on what you ARE good at.

Free to be real.

Free to be HAPPY!!!


Make Time For Extra Sleep If You Need It

Rearrange your schedule…

Say no to somebody…

Skip the workout…

Record your favorite show…

Sometimes you just need one night of added bed time.

One extra hour of sleep… one hour earlier to bed or one hour later to rise…

So you are refreshed and energized!

Sleep can be the best medicine.

If you’re feeling run down, not quite yourself, it’s time to find some extra time to sleep… even if it’s for one night.

Make your mental and physical health a priority.

You deserve it!!