Get Rid Of The #Clutter Around You That Weighs You Down

A great way to remove stress is to remove clutter.

Take photos of the things your heart wants to keep, but you know you should throw, donate, or sell.

It’s a process… if it’s overwhelming, start small… one drawer, one closet, one room…

You will love the results!

Need pointers? Drop me a line.


#Family Is Where We Find The Stability And #Security We All Crave

No family is perfect.

Some members can be a pain.

And some members can be our mentors.

Family is our foundation.

Family gives us friendship.

Family can be our teacher.

Family gives us strength.

Family can be incredibly annoying…😋 But also incredibly wonderful.

A good family always wants the best for us…

Wants to guide us in the right direction…

Wants to be our support…

Family also knows when to stand back… sometimes with a broken heart.


My family is far from perfect… aren’t we all…

I’ve caused my family to worry.

I know I’ve broken the hearts of my family.

I haven’t always been the ideal family member.

I’ve been the annoying one. I’ve been the pain. Yikes!

But my family has NEVER left me… they can’t! They are stuck with me! 😁

And I am so blessed to be stuck with all of them.



When your life is good, give back or pay it forward.


The more you give, the more you receive.

Doing something for somebody else, makes you feel good too.

When you think you’re helping others, you’re also helping yourself.

There is always somebody worse off who could use your help.


Only give if you have something to give… Don’t give so much that you are sacrificing yourself or your family.

One more thing…

It is never good to give if you are rewarding bad behavior.

In fact, giving to somebody who isn’t learning or doing anything for themselves is the opposite of being helpful… you are actually hurting that person.

You are enabling them to stay down. Helping that person fail.

Always help in ways that lift up and help people move forward.

         I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.  ~Maya Angelou