Use One Bad Decision…

…as a stepping stone to do much better.

Take some time to be still… and think about how you can fix it, make it right, seek forgiveness (forgive yourself), and then turn it into a learning, strengthening lesson.

Face this and you will be ok.

One bad decision…

One mistake…

One bad thing happening to you…

Should not lead you down a road of (self) destruction… spiraling out of control.

Instead know in your heart and soul… this is a moment to prove to yourself and others (but especially yourself) who you are and who you want to be.

Be a person of character.

Be a person who falls down but gets back up.

Be a person who picks up others.

Be a person others can look up to.

Be a person of integrity.


And know your mistakes always have the potential to make you so much better than you were before.

Trust yourself.


~~I’m reminded of my character, Christy, in Touchable Love. She made many mistakes, and didn’t believe she deserved to be happy. Christy ran from everything good.

An unexpected job helped her learn to trust herself and face her past.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for the underdog. 😊

#Family Is Where We Find The Stability And #Security We All Crave

No family is perfect.

Some members can be a pain.

And some members can be our mentors.

Family is our foundation.

Family gives us friendship.

Family can be our teacher.

Family gives us strength.

Family can be incredibly annoying…😋 But also incredibly wonderful.

A good family always wants the best for us…

Wants to guide us in the right direction…

Wants to be our support…

Family also knows when to stand back… sometimes with a broken heart.


My family is far from perfect… aren’t we all…

I’ve caused my family to worry.

I know I’ve broken the hearts of my family.

I haven’t always been the ideal family member.

I’ve been the annoying one. I’ve been the pain. Yikes!

But my family has NEVER left me… they can’t! They are stuck with me! 😁

And I am so blessed to be stuck with all of them.