Don’t Give Yourself, Your Life, Your Power, Or Your Freedom To Somebody Else

Don’t give your wonderful self away.

Don’t give your awesome life away.

Don’t give your incredible power away.

Don’t give your fabulous freedom away.

Stick up for yourself and everything that is important to you.

… and then love LOVE LOVE like crazy!!! 😋


Don’t Steal

It’s easy to take things.

Something insignificant from a store…

A dish from a restaurant…

Somebody else’s written words…

Something accidentally left behind…

“Nobody will know.”

“They should have been smarter or locked it up or kept it safe or…”

“Nobody will care.”

“I deserve it.”

“What’s the big deal?”

It is a big deal. Your character is a big deal.

When you steal, you hurt yourself.

And, if you believe in karma, you’re asking for trouble! 😋


Get Rid Of The #Clutter Around You That Weighs You Down

A great way to remove stress is to remove clutter.

Take photos of the things your heart wants to keep, but you know you should throw, donate, or sell.

It’s a process… if it’s overwhelming, start small… one drawer, one closet, one room…

You will love the results!

Need pointers? Drop me a line.